06 - Textures Hard


"-Negative" is the 15th song on "Textures " (disc 1).  On the remaster it acts as a bit of an intro to "Destroyed ", which can be heard at the beginning of any remastered version of "Destroyed ", but only briefly. To Dustin, the crossfade between the two seemed to add so much dismay to the beginning of "Destroyed" that it was kept.  Both songs are meant to have a very dark feel to them, so it was a very ideal accident.  Like "Satisfied ", "-Negative" is a rarity on Dustin Beyette 's records because it has a vocal track.


The vocal track is to show an example of someone who has lost an argument to someone who is negative, and upon being "converted" negative for a breif time explores the feelings of being negative that their victor did.  The music is meant to feel exposed, vulnerable and discomfortable.  The vocals are meant to sound creepy and evident of someone going through this.


This must be what it feels like
to be you
You ignorant sad martyr
I was arrogant, mad smarter

it seems like everyone is hopeless
and so am I


While some might argue that the guitar parts, drumming and the grim attitude of the song might make it more appropriately placed on the "Hard " disc, the cloudiness projected seem to lend a bit more to help the presentation of the "Soft " disc.  Another song that has elements of darkness and swirling discomfort but also a touch of numbing relaxation.