Change cover

"Change (Instrumental)" is the 10th song and also the title song, for Beyette's 2008 independently-funded release, "Change ". It's one of few songs that are not entirely in 4/4 time signature on the record. Alternatively, the whole song is swingin', and very basic in it's "new" delivery in an attempt to fit in with the other songs on the record. The version heard on the "rock record", "Change" is actually a very minimalized version of a more dramatic electronic song written by Dustin Beyette. "The original version of Change, people would probably like more in the earlier part of the 2010-2020 decade, but back when I wrote it the decade before, electronic styles weren't all that popular, american culture seemed to have quite the distaste for anything that happened in the 80s, in the 90's you had your rock alternative, early 2000's whatever you call that, but they finally came to their senses by using a simple thing like dubstep to open a door to a really cool world of music to the general public. People started geeking out on all sorts of things."