06 - Textures Hard

"Destroyed" is track 16 of Dustin Beyette's 6th instrumental record, "Textures - Disc 1 - Soft". It is a continuation of a theme that is present throughout both Textures 1 and 2, "Soft" and "Hard". Multiple versions of the theme were done as a showcase of how a musical theme can transcend genres and moods by appearing in different songs much like on a film soundtrack. The other songs that involved some variation of the theme are "Instruction Manual ", "Ruineren ", "Destruction Manual ", and "Destruction Manual (Reprise) ".


During Dustin's time living in Redbank Village, "Destroyed" was excitedly described by someone as sounding like a hip hop beat, so that interpretation was furthered by Beyette years later when it was sampled and reconfigured for an electronic hip hop style song featuring G Dubbs singing and a verse by The Infamous Kicko.  At the time of this writing, that song is not yet released. The newer instrumental that features insane amounts of fast paced distorted synthesizer sounds very massive and is called "The Destruction".  There might be a free mp3 on the internet somewhere of the scratch vocals recorded.  It was uploaded to myspace at one point Dustin believes, so perhaps wayback machine is the best way to search public records.  If a version is not professionally recorded with G Dubbs and Kicko, an instrumental version will likely eventually be released or licensed by Dustin, but there have been talks about finally finishing and releasing the new reincarnation of the song.