06 - Textures Hard

"Destruction Manual" is the 1st track on Dustin Beyette's 7th instrumental disc, "Textures - Disc 2 - Hard". Technically, the first note heard is also the last note that would be heard on the last track of "Textures - Disc 1 - Soft", "Score". The idea is to nod to the fact that the two albums are one project. Dustin has said to friends "The last note of "Score" is heard on "Destruction Manual".


Originally, "Textures" started as a project that wore the name of a past project that was deleted on accident back when Beyette was writing music as "Tooth ". Textures would be a two part album that would fit on one disc, but like many other attempts at making albums, once the record started to become finished, the songwriting did not stop. "It's always hard slowing down the momentum of these projects, once I really got a thing going I am writing new songs at such a rate that sometimes I'm starting and completing up to three full songs a day." The songs would cover many textures of sounds and moods, much like the previous failed effort. "By doing all these songs and adding the name "Textures", it helped ease the pain of that other record I did being lost. 6 months of hard work, some of my very best stuff at the time, still is only in memory, no actual record other than a screenshot of a winamp playlist that is deep in Dustin's digital records. My buddy Matt has heard the songs "On Your Own" and "Contradictator", maybe others he would remember if he saw the tracklist, but very unlikely, these songs were written maybe 2001 or 2002. Not many people heard the songs so it's always been such a devastating blow. By doing a new project and calling it "Textures" is much like if music were some kind of spiritual religion, which in some ways it is to me, and has always been... By doing this new project, its much like reciting and showing honor to the past. I just felt better doing Textures again even though the first incarnation of it was destroyed by personal ignorance."


The structure of the individual phrases and riffs of "Destruction Manual" present a dissonant musical theme of the new Textures record, and if you listened to the songs chronologically beginning to end of each album from album to album, the theme is first touched on the Soft disc, on track 12, "Instruction Manual", later on "Destroyed " and "Ruineren" and finally touched on again before the album closes, in "Destruction Manual (Reprise)".