Noitatide 256x192

The cover of "Noitatide".

"Elevator Music is often an insulting phrase for really lame music when people use it, but in this song I focused on the relaxing qualities of music theory that can probably be found in most of it." "Elevator Music" is the 12th song on Dustin Beyette 's "Noitatide ". It is instrumental and has piano, a drum loop, strings, and a looping upright bass riff that everything plays off of. "When musical phrases come to me, sometimes they come missing. I've heard someone say that sometimes when they hear a riff of mine that it sounds like it's missing a note or two. The way this song starts you don't actually hear the bassline until the second 8th of the 1st beat, but to me it seems very natural for the bassline to start on the 2nd 8th, which makes more sense when you hear it with drums. On first listen this song would probably sound awkward to others maybe, but to me it makes perfect sense."