Htnetyam cover 500x500

The cover as featured on official "Htnetyam" digital copies.

A very quick EP (currently unreleased) with a running time of less than 12 minutes, "Htnetyam" features 5 remixes of songs heard on "Rugged ".  Much like "Noitatide " "Htnetyam" has a title that is derived from spelling the previous record's name with the originals being remixed backwards. However, in the case of "Rugged", which comes from a bigger project originally called "May Tenth", "Htnetyam" is not a backwards title reflecting the album, but rather the song remixed the most.

The un-numbered track list is as follows:

Song Title Length Notes
Elbow Beats 1:06 Remix of "Power of the Elbow"
Htnetyam001 4:53 Slow and relaxing mix of "May Tenth"
Htnetyam003 2:38 Electronic remix of "May Tenth" which combines multiple layers of drum beats and a sound known as "Plucked! "
Htnetyam005 2:09 Electronic remix of "May Tenth" that is based around a rhythmically chopped sample of the falsetto
Speak 1:04 Remix of "Why Wont you Speak?"

The EP's lettering font and coloration are personal to the subject that the lyrical versions of the songs were written for.  There is a rectangular emblem in the bottom center of the cover that is composed of an image of one of the original "May Tenth" covers with all the letters turned around horizontally.

Due to the omission of the song "May Tenth" being included in the 2014 remaster of "Rugged" , these remixes, if released, will be the only other public versions of "May Tenth" other than the version heard on the bonus tracks of "Textures", Disc 2, Hard .