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"In You" is the first song from the "Blue " portion of "Growth " to be publicly released, while not being the first song on the album or the blue disc itself.


"In You" is 4/4, 102bpm and in the key of C Major.  The song begins with a pulsing kick drum and distorted synthesizer.  Right before the vocals come in a Monotron analog synthesizer creates the "tingles".  The original idea for the song was somewhat inspired by a method of songwriting Dustin once used on a song he wrote with Brandon Fox that involved someone singing about grilled cheese while really the song sounded like an arson murderer.  The idea of "In You" was to make a song that sounded completely sexualized while also having it apply to music going through people's mind pleasurably in an intimate live setting.  Where people's faces are very easy to see while singing a song live on stage for them.  It also applied to Dustin being completely swept off his feet by the city of Los Angeles.  His current place of residency.


Official Lyrics
It's going in you
i can see it in your face
i know you like it
it's okay i like it too
i like it in you
i'm making you stop everything all at once
lets just enjoy it
for all that it is
lets just enjoy it
lets just enjoy it

it's going in you
i don't know how i know you
but we're connected
you got me all wound up
and you deserve this
everything i got i want to give you
give you
give you
give you