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"Manco il Mio Genitore Grande Sonata" is from disc 1 of the songs from the "Textures" series.

"Manco il Mio Grande Sonata" is the 11th song heard on Dustin Beyette 's 7th instrumental album, "Textures ". Originally described by Beyette, "This is a piano piece I wrote for my grandfather a few years ago when I was in "the wretched place that is" Sanford, Maine. The name of the song supposedly translated to "I miss my grandfather" in Italian according to Google Translator the year I wrote it."

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Robert Allen, Dustin's Grandfather. (2009)

"My grandfather was of Syrian descent and [the language translation was] the closest I could come to hiding vulnerabilities in plain sight. The song was about how I missed him deeply. I missed him distance-wise, because I didn't have viable transportation, but the piano song also emoted the tragedy of being raised almost solely by a grandparent: the unwanted generation gap that makes things harder for him to more clearly guide someone who he loved so much."

It was suiting for Beyette to make this an electronic "sonata" of sorts. The shifting tempo was a fitting metaphor for the uneasiness dually felt from the generation gap. "In a lot of ways I'm sure he missed a mental part of me as well, I hate disconnection, especially between two people that really really love each other." The song's title is proof of Beyette's early limited book-research music comprehension, in reality "sonata" is defined as far more than simply "a shifting tempo."

"One of the biggest reasons I held off my L.A. move for so long was that I didn't want to be too far away from him again."

November 3rd 2014 he would be 82 years old.