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Cover as seen on CD.

ELEASE DATE: To Be Announced/in limbo, possible that it will not be released

GENRE: Alternative Experimental Electronic Pop/Rock

"Nano-Growth" is a privately funded 2013 Beyette EP featuring 7 demo mixes of songs from the ultimately cancelled, then forthcoming record, "Growth ".  The 7 selected songs are part of many others that were written between 2009-2013, and features an entire guitar track and completing solo composed by Todd Orcutt on "Forgotten Life (My Mind is Not Working)".

All of the songs contain vocal tracks sung by Dustin Beyette and the EP mostly has songs of the 2nd and 3rd disc, with "Forgotten Life (My Mind is Not Working)" being the only song from Disc 1 of "Growth ", so it does have a more electronic sound than "Change ", even though "Growth " has a ratio closer to half the songs being rock-oriented and half the songs being electronic.  

"From What I Want the Most" and "Forgotten Life (My Mind is Not Working)" were written at Impossible Studios in 2010, with the exception that Todd's guitar parts and further musical additions were made since then.  "Baggage Claim" was written and recorded at the Maryland Hotel in Glendale, California.  "Freedom", "Wanderlust inside Me", "Success" and "December 11th" were written and recorded at Hotel Antonio in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.  All of the mastering was performed and vocals were recorded in Dustin's new west coast home recording studio, of which the name is still not yet public.

Promotional copyEdit

There was also going to be a limited promotional copy that was going to be given out during the month of July to certain people in the city of Portland Maine, Dustin's hometown.  Each of these were going to be without shrinkwrap and individually numbered.  An alternate un-numbered edition would've been available for purchase shortly after, with a slightly different opening track.  The plans have been shelved for this EP until further notice.


  1. "Freedom"
  2. "From What I Want the Most"
  3. "Forgotten Life (My Mind is Not Working) feat. Todd Orcutt"
  4. "Wanderlust inside Me"
  5. "Success"
  6. "December 11th"
  7. "Baggage Claim"
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