Ns4ng cover 500x500

The cover as seen on mp3s.

"New Sounds for New Grounds" is a compilation of unreleased instrumental material recently composed over the last year or so in between other projects.  Dustin felt in between the final three nostalgic remasters ("Rugged", "Editation" and "Noitatide" ) out this year, that people might be interested in what kind of music Dustin has been making lately. There's a strong cinematic element to the songs, and as such the songs are suitable for background music in film, videogames and promotional trailers.  There is no consistent genre from this release other than all the tracks are instrumental in nature and feature a mix of sequenced and performed parts.  There is one remix of a song from "Textures - Disc 2 - Hard " composed during the remaster of Textures, as well as an instrumental cover of an Everysmithever song.


The cover image is a blown up image from Dustin's private instagram account and is a westward photograph of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline in the afternoon.  In the sky between the power lines, there is a super imposed image of a Toyota Van at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, California.  Dustin's first car was a 1988 Toyota Van that originally belonged to his grandfather, it's always been a vehicle he's admired, and not since moving to Los Angeles has he seen nearly so many in such a short period of time.


Details to be announced soon... :-)