02 - Editation
Stripped down to the fundamental trademarks of the song, "Sensitive" is another
Sensitive verse

The verse hook bassline, typically performed with a wah'd drawl.

Sensitive chorus

The chorus "riff" of "Sensitive" is simply a chordless E G A E progression.

two phrase musical ditty much like "Out There ", but hasn't been on as many tracks as "Out There". "Sensitive" is typically a funk style bass riff, and is accented with additional bass "rhythm" on the 11th track of "Editation ". A previous use of the ditty was used in an unreleased Tooth song (Gray Interior Era) complete with lyrics describing someone who was criticising someone else for being sensitive, uninspired and cowardly. The guitar riff heard at 2:14 is actually an acoustic guitar that was brought to it's electric distortion sound with Fruity Blood Overdrive . The original version of the "Sensitive" ditty on Editation was presented to Beyette's friend Fox who said the chorus sounded too dark, and so an alternate version that is finally heard on "Editation " is with clavicord to make it sound bright and funkier.

For the purposes of "Editation ", "Sensitive" is a dance track using synthesizers and guitar. "I've always loved the attitude of this riff, good simple riff to test out basses at instrument stores, sounds best with a wah petal. Anyone could play this riff. It's interesting that this groove inspired by Fox's input comes from a song about someone that is sensitive, because I think a lot of times, just simply existing can be cause for someone else to be sensitive, and Fox had long told me that I helped him care less about what those people think. Some people have complications that prohibit the others from simply existing, but if their problems are solved, they as a problem will be solved, but there are complications of ego that are often at the core of these sorts of issues.  Much of Editation was composed during a time where Fox helped me enjoy existing because with him and his girlfriend it seemed allowed to do!"

This song is remixed on "Noitatide " in a track called "(Extra) Sensitive (Head) ".