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Your go-to guy for Beyette's catchiest and most positive songs.

Since 2003 Brandon Fox has been a genuine loving friend and an avid and critical supporter of Dustin's music. "Most of what you hear on Editation are the surviving songs of many mixes that him and I listened to on the way to work together. The summer of 2003 completely inspired the outlook of not only the album, but also my own soul. There is a video on a CDR somewhere in my CD wallets called "Summer" and it's a visual representation of my life up to and during the making and completion of Editation . He is mostly into electronic music and positive music, so in terms of my own body of work, that is the stuff he tends to like more than the rest of it, but what's great is like Bartlett , he never ever says he likes something that he doesn't. Which if you are in ANY artistic industry, if you don't have a SINGLE one of these kinds of honest friends, you're done. You're over. You are obvlivion."

The tracklist below consists of songs that involve him, make Dustin think of him, as well as songs and albums Dustin thinks he would enjoy the most: