The Hofner Icon B Bass, just next to a shy Charlie the Cat.

Dustin was long going to be the owner of a very "unique" Epiphone Viola bass , as soon as he saw it. With the visual nod to the string instruments he loved the sound of, it seemed just his style, in his mind he was going to have something that was one of a kind. This was years before Beyette got into The Beatles and didn't initially realize it was a replica of the very famous bass that Paul McCartney was well known for playing left-handed.

While talking about the Epiphone bass with friend Tim Emery, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist of The Guvnor's (as well as a owner at Buckdancer's Choice ), Tim had suggested getting Hofner's own replica of their own bass, a Hofner Icon-B Bass at almost the same price as the Epiphone. Not long after it was ordered and already on it's way, Dustin had seen that the Hofner came in "black and white" style as well, and in the end ordered that instead. Long after it was paid for, there was constant struggles with Hofner, because they didn't have one made, "and then............... on one otherwise cold day, Tim finally made the call that it was in!!! The way I've looked at this long wait is that: in a way, on how you look at it, Hofner made it for me. They didn't have any made until I ordered it. So that's pretty cool. Well worth the wait."

A 17 minute video showing a Hofner being made

A 17 minute video showing a Hofner being made

According to Dustin, the Hofner has stayed in tune every time it's been taken out of it's case ever sense, and is featured as the electric bass in the majority of Beyette's music. Primarily with flatwound strings.

The Hofner was in the possesion of a trusted close friend in Boston from 2010-2012, but as of June 19, 2012 the Hofner is in Los Angeles and being used to record the score for three short films that premiered November 30th, 2012.