Samick guitar

Photo of the Samick KR660 on it's way home to the studio.

On September 25th 2012 Dustin bought a Korean-built Samick KR660 double cutaway electric guitar with a gold plated licensed floyd rose bridge and locking tuners. The guitar was in rough shape after close inspection and had the action so low it was choking the frets, but after one of the sales associates repaired the neck and bridge and called him back to the store the guitar played like a dream. It is featured on "Growth " and some songs on the "Chances" film score alongside the Ibanez Gio . This guitar would mark the first time Dustin has owned a guitar with a floyd rose bridge. "As much as I detune my guitar between tracks, thanks to keyboard being my first instrument I really really like the locking tuners. It stays in tune like me hofner if it's been more than a day since playing." While many people have never heard of the brand Samick, it's not the first time Beyette has played a Samick instrument, a rich sounding Samick grand piano is heard on the upcoming Textures - Disc 3 .