02 - Editation

"Weather" is the 27th track of "Editation". It's origins are from Beyette's past. One of the themes of a Tooth CD called "Gray Interior" was to have songs that were thematic of color. A color would be picked, an emotion would be associated, and the songs would take on their own energy as they were created. "Red " was one of these songs, "Blue" was another, and then the remixes of Red renamed by color shade were also included. Weather was one of these songs and in it's initial composition was called simply "Black". There were lyrics written that, inside metaphors, used colors like as if they were emotions and labels, and the lyrics finally ended with the phrase "I feel bad for black". The renamed track after "Gray Interior" was abandoned to work on "E Tahe V Oletah " has been referenced for it's instrumental composition as "weather" instead of black, a desision probably in reference to a track Dustin really dug. Between Tooth and the Dustin Beyette projects, Beyette got into "The Prodigy " by listening to their music before "The Fat of the Land ", "...and if you like "Weather" you might like the instrumental track "Weather Experience " from "The Prodigy Experience "". The version of "Weather heard on Editation features storm and rain sound effects and retains various themes from the original track.