02 - Editation

This song is a reconstruction of "Worm " that is meant to sound brighter than the original, as well brighter than the version heard on track 4 of "Editation ". By the assertion in the title, closure was reached in Beyette's own mind about what "Worm " was about. "Back to thinking about the present, back to thinking about the future, enough dwelling on the past. The Worm is back in the ground, onto other things." Because of the upcoming remix album, "Noitatide ", while "Worm back in Ground" is not the very final version of the song in Beyette's body of work, it would be a more suitable at the end of a playlist on all the tracks building on the "Worm " theme. Eddie Hernandez had expressed interest in this reconstruction. "I don't remember if he wanted to perform on it or just really vibed with it, I just know that when I hear this track there is some association that connects him with the song."