05 - Rugged
"Wrench" is track number 10 on Dustin Beyette's 5th "completed" instrumental disc, "Rugged ".
Wrench (song structure in FL 10)

The song "Wrench" in it's original "block style" source form as it looks in FL Studio 10.

It is technically programmed at 120bpm in 4/4 time signature and may be awkwardly understood by the mind and ears as such until 0:24:00 where the triplet nature of the riff is embraced with a 3/4 drum loop. "This song might seem simple or complex depending on the way you look at it. One thing that was nice about switching to a professional DAW is that I could dial in actual time signatures and there may or may not have been time signatures in "MTV Music Generator ", what I used to sequence with, but one way I used to get around it is programming a beat mathematically to be missing the last 4 beats of a four bar 4/4 phrase and loop each 3/4 bar like it was a 4/4 song with a missing piece, and program like as if it were 3/4 but instead of having beat indicators I had to manually count on the grid every 3 or 6 16ths. It was very tedious but in the early days sometimes I wanted a swing sound and it was what I had to do. After a while I would do little tricks by using the number 12 while I was thinking and also treating the middle of the three bars as the middle of the second half of a 4 bar 3/4 phrase. Look at an old school drum machine, you can kind of get the idea. I would often draw 4 or 8 "3" or "6" 16th notes just to indicate the beats and then delete those notes later when I wrote a riff. It was complicated, I'm glad I switched to FL Studio ! What's interesting to note on this song, is that when people ask me what kind of music I write... I think about everything that I've composed and sometimes I simply just tell them that it's "experimental", because often in my earlier compositions and even in some of my recent works, I'll not so much have an idea in mind, but instead a specific challenge, an original experiment. I think with this song it could very well have started with me trying to write a riff that would sound just as good in a
Wrench guitar riff
4/4 riff but in the exact same speed in a 3/4 riff, if everything else was mathmatically adjusted as such. What's going on is the riff inside a sequencer looks a lot like a 4/4 riff but missing one bar. This is explored by the 4/4 style beat that is playing under the added 4th bar of the guitar.
Wrench guitar riff in four four

A clip of the "fake" 3/4 guitar riff reduced to a 4/4 bar.

From bar 29 to bar 33, or on your music player, 0:56-1:04 'you are listening to a 4/4 beat. I still start songs with random challenges like that. The more seemingly impossible the better, especially during the follow-through."